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I hate to admit this but this month was a roller coaster and instead of me being in control it dragged me around. I understand this is a weakness of mine and in the past I have been trying to stop my life from becoming a ride. I now understand I need to learn to be in control while I’m on the ride. I lost 3 1/2 pounds this month. I had lost as much as 8 but gained it back when life got crazy. This month I’m going to try to plan more meals out well before so I can grab a cooler and go instead of depending on the best things fast food has to offer.

I still have not had a Diet Coke or soda at all which is huge for an addict.



I read in a magazine that sleep is very important to not only your metabolism but your overall health. So for my weekly goals- 100 oz water a day and 7 hours of sleep a night. Tonight I’m getting a bad start but tomorrow it starts.

Accomplishments and paramedics.

This weekend I did my first organized bike ride. It wasn’t a race just a ride which was exactly what I needed. I completed 22 miles of what I planned as flat but in reality was hill after hill after hill. At the half way point, literally the turn around spot, I got stuck to my bike and tipped over. My clip in shoe system is a lot to get used to and I’m not good at it at all. Scuffed up my knee just a bit, not a big deal at all. The paramedics on site must have had a dull night because they made a bit of an embarrassing scene over me. The woman treating me must have used 10 different items when all I wanted was a bandaid. Three medics in bright yellow shirts and huge flashlights all aimed at me. They even made me sit on the ground to complete the scene. I ended up with a system of bandaids and a bruised ego. I got back on my bike and finished the last 11 miles. I know it’s not a lot but I didn’t get an extra 50 pounds by riding my bike to the moon and back. I feel great about it and I can’t wait until I can do my next event. Saints to Sinners anyone?



I’m trying. I really am but I can’t find that balance between what tastes good and what is good for you. I know that I should go for what is good for me but really cant some of it taste great. I love my smoothies, breakfast no problem, dinner is doing me in. What can I eat that I can afford and will taste okay.

Hubbs and his BBQ

I understand my extra weight. I don’t understand how to keep it off. Hubby BBQ’d pizza last night. Pizza is naughty to begin with, make 4 different kinds and I’m out. BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, taco, pepperoni and then he made a streusel pizza to chase it all down. We did have family over so it wasn’t all for us but I had 3 pieces and gained a few pounds. I did pass on the ice-cream though. Last night was a diet set back. Last night was real life and I need to realize that one day does not define a life time. Today is new and I’m ready to work twice as hard.

Right things.

I’ve realized that I must make a choice between what is right and what is easy. Ruining my health was simple, getting healthy will be hard but it’s the right thing.

Wonder Drug

It improves your mood, helps depression, improves mind clarity, improves mental focus, cuts risk of diabetes, cuts risk of many diseases. One dose each day keeps your weight down, helps your bones, increases energy and *gasp* improves your sex life. It’s a miracle of modern medicine and is as old as life it’s self.
We are always looking for an easy fix when all we need to do is get of out butt and get our heart rates up.

Exercise, the wonder drug.

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