La Frontera

Tomorrow I’ve got a date at my fav naughty spot. La Frontera for their smothered burritos. It happens to be my birthday and I realize that is justification. My last real diet was broken by this haven. Not one healthy thing on the menu. I can remember the awful meal I ate as my family enjoyed their meals. The Hubbs and I will be sharing a meal and the calories but still it will be to much. My one day that will probably set me back everything
I’ve lost this month. I’m struggling a bit with the guilt but I’ll go and enjoy myself.


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  1. Mandy Ford
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 10:16:43

    don’t know if the Coke thing is still in effect, but congrats on what you’ve done! That is a HUGE step. And I think knowing in advance about your birthday meal gives you the power to be a little better before and after. You can’t give up everything you love cold turkey and think the weight will stay off. Giving yourself a planned break is ok every now and then. It keeps things real. Just focus on being extra good before and after. And have a great birthday!


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