Accomplishments and paramedics.

This weekend I did my first organized bike ride. It wasn’t a race just a ride which was exactly what I needed. I completed 22 miles of what I planned as flat but in reality was hill after hill after hill. At the half way point, literally the turn around spot, I got stuck to my bike and tipped over. My clip in shoe system is a lot to get used to and I’m not good at it at all. Scuffed up my knee just a bit, not a big deal at all. The paramedics on site must have had a dull night because they made a bit of an embarrassing scene over me. The woman treating me must have used 10 different items when all I wanted was a bandaid. Three medics in bright yellow shirts and huge flashlights all aimed at me. They even made me sit on the ground to complete the scene. I ended up with a system of bandaids and a bruised ego. I got back on my bike and finished the last 11 miles. I know it’s not a lot but I didn’t get an extra 50 pounds by riding my bike to the moon and back. I feel great about it and I can’t wait until I can do my next event. Saints to Sinners anyone?



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  1. Wendy
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 22:19:16

    Ouchy! I bet the injury to your ego was much worse.

    Frankly, the clip in system for bicycles scares me to no end. I hate the idea of my feet being stuck (part of why I don’t like snowboarding). I’ve seen so many people get banged up that I don’t know that i’ll ever bite the bullet and get it.

    Congrats on a good long ride though!


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