Wonder Drug

It improves your mood, helps depression, improves mind clarity, improves mental focus, cuts risk of diabetes, cuts risk of many diseases. One dose each day keeps your weight down, helps your bones, increases energy and *gasp* improves your sex life. It’s a miracle of modern medicine and is as old as life it’s self.
We are always looking for an easy fix when all we need to do is get of out butt and get our heart rates up.

Exercise, the wonder drug.


Bikes and firsts.

Yesterday was my first bike ride on the road. My great friend Ali was there to help me learn it all. I didn’t get hit by even one car. I only did 14 miles but I don’t feel to bad about that for my first. Now only if I could find enough padding to make that seat not hurt.

Finding Joy in the Journey.

Getting healthy is not something I have to do. I could live an unhealthy life with little effort. Getting healthy is something I choose to do. I enjoy finding out what I can achieve, I enjoy discovering foods that both taste good and are good for me. I enjoy putting on my jeans and it not being a struggle. And although my family doesn’t know it I enjoy ” having ” to walk out that door with out two kids stuck to me to get out there and exercise. I am having a blast making tiny changes and as long as I can remind myself this is fun I will find success.

Hurdling excuses

My Daughter is almost herself again and I can finally look back on the week and see the damage done. First- bringing soda back into the house to keep her hydrated, and I had some too. Second- I’ve been to exhausted to exercise or plan anything out. Third- meals were not as healthy as they could have or should have been.

Basic overview for week- let’s pretend like it never happened.

We are planning steak and green beans for dinner tonight. Healthy portions!

Go Bananas!

I found another treat that I enjoy that I dont feel so guilty about.  It gives me a ton of help when my sweet tooth comes to attack.  Frozen bananas on a stick.  I know it sounds very basic but it ends up creamy and easy.  I peel the banana and cut it in half, poke a stick in it and freeze.  It averages out to about 61 calories of frozen goodness.   On top of all that I can sneak in another 1.8 grams of fiber. 


Life strikes

I think part of a new healthy lifestyle is discovering the things that make us break and learn to deal.

My Daughter is sicker then she has ever been and as a Mom my heart is breaking. I have been sleeping half as much and odd hours eating what ever we can reach.

When I went to the store this morning I wanted to buy ice-cream and easy junk foods. Lucky for me the dumb pharmacy didn’t open and then made me wait and think. I walked out of the store with makings for soup, yogurt for parfait, sugar free freezer pops (14 cal each) and stuff for trail mix. Not perfect but better then nachos and ice-cream.

Confession time.

First of all I make no apologies here.  The only people I owe any apology to is my kids for it taking this long to see the light and the example I have been for them up to now.  This is my eye opening moment and if you dont like it well its not for you.   My whole life I have been trying to be good enough to be loved, trying to live up to standards put on me.   I am me! Im not moldable, you cant change me to make me who you want me to be.  If you think I have a problem keep it to your self.  If I have a problem I will let you know. 

I cant count the times that I have burst into tears in the mirror because I couldnt stand to look at me.  I have been angry for letting myself get to this weight.  I have hated myself for not being strong enough to get it all done in life.  I was so disapointed in me for not getting my stuff done when I was working hard to please you.   I have compared the worst in me to the best in others and I just couldnt keep up.  Hate is a very strong word but that is the only word I can think of to describe how I felt for me.   I am not a bad person, just not quite good enough to someone else. 

You cannot change me, but you can inspire me.  You cannot bully me but you can support me while I walk the path to a better me.  I cannot do everything for you because I need time to do things for me, but if you can love me for me we can walk lifes paths together and help eachother.  Its a give and take thing and Im ready to meet in the middle but you need to as well.

Today is day one of me loving me better, for me.

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